Why Springdale is obsessed with Diatomaceous earth

Diato… uhhh what?

Diatomaceous (“Die-uh-toe-may-shus”) earth.

It is a soft silica-rich powdery substance that is found in fossilized deposits near dried up water bodies. It is naturally occurring and hence has little side effects to human beings.

It is popular because of its diverse uses.

Diatomaceous earth benefits

It lowers blood pressure: Research shows that people with high blood pressure who take it, report lower blood pressure. It is thus popularly used in medicine.

Bone growth: Calcium and Vitamin D are necessary for bone growth. However, recent research shows that silica must be present for these minerals to be deposited in the bones. Silica speeds up the process of healing fractures and it can be converted into Calcium when there is a deficiency of Calcium in the body.

It improves heart health: Diatomaceous earth contains Silica which fortifies blood vessels especially in the aorta. This lowers the risk of heart disease. Moreover, it lowers cholesterol by keeping the veins and arteries supple.

diatomaceous earth weight lossWeight Loss: It is used for natural weight loss. Recent research shows that people who take DE in the morning have a lower appetite. This helps them take small portions of food and thus reduce weight.

Improves hair and nails growth: Silica is an essential component for growth of healthy hair. DE contains silica which is known to stimulate hair growth and prevent baldness, In addition, it makes nails stronger hence making them less prone to breaking and it gives them a shiner appearance.

Diatomaceous earth uses

It is used in laboratories for filtering purposes. It is used to filter drinking water, beer and honey among others. It is porous in nature and thus able to filter very fine particles.

It is also used a mild abrasive. Most toothpaste and metal polishes are made from it. It can be used as a pesticide and insecticide. It is known for killing bedbugs, cockroaches and ticks. It absorbs oils and fats from an insects’ cuticle hence making it to dry out and die.

Additionally, it is used to clean spills because it of its highly absorbent properties. It is the perfect solution when dealing with toxic spills. It is used a facial scrub. It removes dead skin, dirt and absorbs all the oils in the face. The beauty industry heavily relies on it (1).

It is used to store animal feed and grains such as maize and beans. It has the ability to absorb moisture from the surroundings hence keeping the food dry and mold free.

Where does Diatomaceous earth come from?

It comes from fossilized remains of aquatic organisms known as diatoms. The skeletons of the tiny aquatic organisms are made of silica. Continuous deposition and accumulation of the diatoms leads to formation of diatomaceous earth.

It is commonly found in dried up sediments of rivers, lakes and oceans. It is then mined, processed and sold to several industries all over the world. Research shows that it can also be found in deserts such as Sahara desert.

Commercial DE comes from Western US and China. However, there are little deposits that are mined from Europe and Africa.

Local Business Meet Up With Tai Lopez

who is tai lopezA determined self-starter to say the least, Tai Lopez has developed a compelling entrepreneurial platform from which he shares his wisdom to help guide individuals to the ultimate ‘good life’ by implementing key principles and theories he considers to be both timeless and effective.

Tai’s primary digital principles revolve around the ’67 Steps’, which refers to a series of videos that helps break down the process of how to achieve optimal health, great wealth, caring relationships, and profound joy and happiness.

Who is Tai Lopez?

For starters, Tai Lopez is a financial investor, who first began his entrepreneurial journey working in financial services. Once he dropped out of college, Tai worked for a number of different companies over the years.

In his 20’s, Tai was a successful self-made millionaire and owned multiple high-end night clubs along the east coast. However, before reaching that level of success, he worked in the financial services division of GE up until it was eventually sold off.

In addition to reading literally tens of hundreds of books by some of the most important figures in history, Tai also spent time in India at a leper colony as well as living with the Amish people a couple of years, interestingly enough.

For the most part, many people are familiar with Tai through his podcasts along with his popular “The Grand Theory of Everything” YouTube channels.

The ’67 Steps’ refers to one of Tai’s most highly acclaimed works found online. The 67 steps, or principles, is the path to achieving the ‘good life’. The unique series of steps is a compilation of Tai’s conclusion upon reading countless books on a variety of subjects, walking his own life journey from rags-to-riches, and having many experiences with different mentors in order to produce a valuable guide to help people achieve their best life.

Tai Lopez 67 Steps offers a plethora of wisdom from many of today’s successful people along with a handful of the greatest philosophers to ever walk the planet, including, Socrates, Plato, Ray Krock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Salatin, and Donald Trump. Tai has thoroughly reviewed and studied many biographies of some of the most successful legacy creators and ground-breaking entrepreneurs who ultimately found the keys to success.

Based on Tai’s advice, one of the main goals of the program is to literally rewire your brain in order to help you achieve outrageous success by offering practical wisdom that will have a profound and positive affect regarding your decision making process overall. By doing so, it will attract a greater level of success for your life in general. Also, Tai suggests that 67 Steps will help increase the quality of love and people you attract by enhancing your own level of health and vitality as well.

Overall, the 67 Step program offers the same fundamental principles and practical knowledge that Tai himself implemented into his own life in order to go from barely earning a living to driving a Lamborghini and running a multi-million dollar business. Basically, it talks about the key lessons and wisdom from some of the most important entrepreneurs and billionaires on the planet.

Through his videos, Tai helps people understand the driving principles they need to know in order to create their own rags-to-riches story.

Tai Lopez: How does the Good Life Work?

The ‘good life’ refers to taking a holistic approach to four distinct areas of your life into order to achieve your best life possible. They include the following:

• Health
• Wealth
• Happiness
• Love

In other words, every area of your life has to be treated with the level of love, respect, and care that you show others on a daily basis in order to improve the overall quality of your own life.

Want to find out more about Tai Lopez and his business? Just visit him on his YouTube channel where he introduces new and innovative ideas to people everywhere about what he’s read and experienced throughout his career in order to get where he is today.

Silica is good for your skin

The good news is: diatomaceous earth (or silica) is actually good for you to digest for cellular reasons. Good for your skin. Not only that, but diatomaceous earth is safe and all-natural.

But few people actually know that these supplement can also get rid of bed bugs. Yep, true statement.

An October 2015 report showed that bed bugs are not only making a comeback after only a few years remission, but they’re back with a vengeance.  In states like New Mexico, where there have been around 173 cases of infestations reported, it’s clear that we haven’t yet rid ourselves of this persistent and nasty problem.

Bed Bugs are Back. Good thing there’s diatomaceous earth.

The bad news is, nasty outbreaks of bed bugs are back.

Why do bed bugs keep winning?

Bed bug infestations across the US have been on the rise for 15 years, but just a few years ago things got really bad.  Hotels in New York City, and then residences in that city got hit very hard.

The problem is, the bed begs become immune to the pesticides we use to kill them, says Rob Taylor, VP of sales at Tucson’s pest control headquarters, Tucson Exterminating.  That, combined with the fact that international travel makes it easy for the creatures to move from place to place, makes for a tough battle.

Surprisingly, another reason they spread so fast now is the rising popularity of second hand furniture.  Bed bugs live in upholstery and once furniture changes hands you’ve got yet another household infected.

Finally, having bed bugs is embarrassing.  For that simple reason, people often don’t report it when they notice an infestation, so the problem gets worse.  Taking action as early on as possible is strongly advised by all experts.

Diatomaceous earth can be used to fight bed bugs.

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally-occurring powder that’s effective when used to combat bed bugs.  Technically not a pesticide, it’s safe for children and animals if applied properly.

It’s actually a “mechanical” pesticide.  The rough, spiky minuscule edges of the DE particles literally shred the bodies of the bed bugs, causing them to become dehydrated and eventually to die.

How to use diatomaceous earth to treat bed bugs.

It’s important to use food grade diatomaceous earth, NOT the kind used for swimming pools.

Since any dust can be harmful when inhaled, be sure to put the dust in places where it’s unlikely to be disturbed.  That would mean cracks and out-of-the-way crevices and nooks where nobody will walk or touch.

You should purchase and use a respirator for applying the dust in your home. It is considered an inhalation hazard by the CDC.  Purchasing food-grade and freshwater DE will lessen the hazard risk.

For the same reason, it is not advised that you put DE on your sofa or other upholstered furnishings.

Apply a thin coating (more is not better) of diatomaceous earth and use a proper tool to help you with that.

Vacuuming often is recommended with any bed bug treatment, but when you’re using DE, keep in mind that the dust can put severe wear and tear on your vacuum cleaner.  It’s those same rough, tiny edges that do the damage to the insects: they can also damage your vacuum.