who is tai lopezA determined self-starter to say the least, Tai Lopez has developed a compelling entrepreneurial platform from which he shares his wisdom to help guide individuals to the ultimate ‘good life’ by implementing key principles and theories he considers to be both timeless and effective.

Tai’s primary digital principles revolve around the ’67 Steps’, which refers to a series of videos that helps break down the process of how to achieve optimal health, great wealth, caring relationships, and profound joy and happiness.

Who is Tai Lopez?

For starters, Tai Lopez is a financial investor, who first began his entrepreneurial journey working in financial services. Once he dropped out of college, Tai worked for a number of different companies over the years.

In his 20’s, Tai was a successful self-made millionaire and owned multiple high-end night clubs along the east coast. However, before reaching that level of success, he worked in the financial services division of GE up until it was eventually sold off.

In addition to reading literally tens of hundreds of books by some of the most important figures in history, Tai also spent time in India at a leper colony as well as living with the Amish people a couple of years, interestingly enough.

For the most part, many people are familiar with Tai through his podcasts along with his popular “The Grand Theory of Everything” YouTube channels.

The ’67 Steps’ refers to one of Tai’s most highly acclaimed works found online. The 67 steps, or principles, is the path to achieving the ‘good life’. The unique series of steps is a compilation of Tai’s conclusion upon reading countless books on a variety of subjects, walking his own life journey from rags-to-riches, and having many experiences with different mentors in order to produce a valuable guide to help people achieve their best life.

Tai Lopez 67 Steps offers a plethora of wisdom from many of today’s successful people along with a handful of the greatest philosophers to ever walk the planet, including, Socrates, Plato, Ray Krock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Salatin, and Donald Trump. Tai has thoroughly reviewed and studied many biographies of some of the most successful legacy creators and ground-breaking entrepreneurs who ultimately found the keys to success.

Based on Tai’s advice, one of the main goals of the program is to literally rewire your brain in order to help you achieve outrageous success by offering practical wisdom that will have a profound and positive affect regarding your decision making process overall. By doing so, it will attract a greater level of success for your life in general. Also, Tai suggests that 67 Steps will help increase the quality of love and people you attract by enhancing your own level of health and vitality as well.

Overall, the 67 Step program offers the same fundamental principles and practical knowledge that Tai himself implemented into his own life in order to go from barely earning a living to driving a Lamborghini and running a multi-million dollar business. Basically, it talks about the key lessons and wisdom from some of the most important entrepreneurs and billionaires on the planet.

Through his videos, Tai helps people understand the driving principles they need to know in order to create their own rags-to-riches story.

Tai Lopez: How does the Good Life Work?

The ‘good life’ refers to taking a holistic approach to four distinct areas of your life into order to achieve your best life possible. They include the following:

• Health
• Wealth
• Happiness
• Love

In other words, every area of your life has to be treated with the level of love, respect, and care that you show others on a daily basis in order to improve the overall quality of your own life.

Want to find out more about Tai Lopez and his business? Just visit him on his YouTube channel where he introduces new and innovative ideas to people everywhere about what he’s read and experienced throughout his career in order to get where he is today.

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